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Student Programs

BDPA has outlined a set of goals, metrics, and student programs for local BDPA chapters.  Jointly, our strategic triad of private, public, and academic sector stakeholders will continue to leverage available resources to optimize BDPA's service delivery models in direct support of youth development programs, scholarships, annual high-school computer competition (HSCC) teams, intern programs, or co-op/summer employment opportunities. Chapter event calendars, grant/scholarship deadlines, special announcements, and BDPA's balanced scorecard (BSC) are available online in the Chapter's BDPA Member Welcome Centre.

The annual fee for BDPA membership dues for full-time students is $15.00.  Click here to enroll today!

Advanced Student Programs | JEF

Since its inception in 1984, Joint Educational Facilities, Inc. (JEF) has mentored and prepared over 250 DC-area and BDPA-DC student members from the District of Columbia and surrounding communities to advance their careers by mastering undergraduate and graduate level requirements. JEF’s programs are designed to acquaint young students with research techniques, advanced mathematics, emerging technologies in computer science and telecommunications, computational science, geographical information systems (GIS), robotics and public speaking.  Visit the chapter's BDPA Member Welcome Centre for more on JEF, and related bdpatoday newsletter articles on TeraGrid 2009, and Super Computing 2009 (SC09.)

Visit for 2009 semester registration information. The annual fee for full-time high school, community college, and college students to join BDPA is $15.00.  Click here to enroll today!

High School Computer Competition (HSCC)

2009 Student Enrollment Criteria

  • Currently in or entering grades 8 through 12

  • Student interviews with HSCC staff

  • Parent or guardian interviews with HSCC staff

  • Completes HSCC registration form

  • $50 annual HSCC registration fee

2008/2009 HSCC Staff

  • Mr. Lou Shack, HSCC Coordinator and Instructor

  • Mr. Roderick Edwards, HSCC Regional Coordinator and Instructor

  • Mr. Edward Yeldell, HSCC Assistant Coordinator and Instructor

Latest Results & Metrics
Last August, the Washington, D.C. BDPA Chapter HSCC Team won Second Place in The National High School Computer Competition recently held in Atlanta, GA.

Last year's winners each received $2000 towards the College or University of their choice.  Earlier last summer, local teams recaptured the Regional HSCC title at Bowie State University. The Washington, D.C. Chapter continues to receive positive feedback from parents emphasizing our programs continue to make tremendous impacts on their children. Student return rates for these programs continue to increase.   In 2009, BDPA-DC and BDPA-NoVA hope to field several local teams during 2009's Northeast Regional HSCC. We are very excited about new chapter interest groups (CIGs) in Southern Maryland and Hampton Roads Virginia.

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BDPA Washington (BDPA-DC) | Serving The National Capital Region (NCR)

Celebrating 31 Years of Community Service

To learn more about BDPA's 2009 Regional High School Computer Competition (HSCC) teams, Youth IT Showcase, and related technology events with BDPA in the District of Columbia or Maryland, call, email, or write to BDPA-DC:

BDPA Washington, D.C. Chapter
611 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE #213
Washington, D.C. 20003-4303

E-mail the Chapter:
E-mail the HSCC Staff:
Phone: 800.727.BDPA (2372)  or
Fax: 301.576.5456

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